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Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels

SolaSkirt is designed to protect your investment for its lifetime while also giving your system a sleek finish improving its aesthetics.

SolaSkirt is designed, manufactured and installed by Titan Eco.

Pigeon Problems Can Cost You Thousands

Pigeons love to nest under solar panels as they provide a warm, safe space to nest. But they can cause major problems, with guano build up, which is a health hazard, and they can damage the cables which causes a loss of output. Pigeons are a leading cause of PV system failure.

A premium option to mesh

Installed properly mesh can work well, but many installers use cheap, low grade mesh that doesn't last.

And even better quality mesh installations don't always look great, and if its something that you are going to have for the next 20-years it makes sense to fit something that you would like to look at.

A sleek finish to your solar panels

SolaSkirt gives a great finish to any solar panel system, covering the gap, rail, clamps and rain-water run-off, all of which often makes on-roof solar PV systems look unattractive.

With its mechanical fixings and matt black, powder coated, clamps and skirt, its the best solution on the market.

Key Facts

  • Improves the aesthetics of a PV system by fitting a skirt which covers rail, clamps, gaps and cable
  • Does not affect airflow – there is still plenty of gaps between panels, between the panels and the SolaSkirt and under the SolaSkirt.  Additionally all new build houses have in-roof solar with zero airflow and there are no reports of their output being affected
  • No scaffolding needed, we install using rope access installers which is not only safer but also cheaper
  • Prevents pigeons from getting under solar panels and causing damage
  • Fits any panel with a thickness of 30mm – 50mm
  • Matt Black powder coated aluminium sheet grade 1050 H15 and matt black clamps
  • Easy and quick to fit with little cutting needed
  • Supplied with pre-cut corners
  • Unlike some mesh systems that drill into panels, voiding the warranty, SolaSkirt uses clamps that grip onto the frame of the panel, in the same way the mounting kit holding your panels onto the roof does
  • Works with Roman tiles – the majority of our SolaSkirt installs have been on rooves with wavy tiles and it works just as well.  If the ridges are particularly high the installers can adapt it as needed.
Google Rating
Based on 482 reviews