With and Without SolaSkirt.

One of the best ways to see the impact of SolaSkirt is to see the difference it makes to systems, both new systems and existing systems. To check out our gallery click here.

Keeping out pigeons and improving the look of PV systems

This customer only had panels installed in 2019 but already had pigeon problems. Once pigeons start nesting under panels if they are then blocked out they tend to go to another solar array, passing the problem on. SolaSkirt not only keeps pigeons out but improves the look of the system as well.

Neighbouring pigeon problems

These neighbours both had identical PV systems and identical pigeon problems. With panels on the front and back of their houses they wanted a solution that looked good as well as kept out the pigeons. SolaSkirt solved both problems.

New Build Solar

The developer of 4 new houses had solar panels on the front of each house. Wanting to improve the look of each house he opted to install SolaSkirt to give a better finish to each system.

Pigeon Proofing

With a 16-panel PV system this customer was plagued by pigeons. They opted to pay a premium for SolaSkirt instead of mesh to not only keep out the pests but also improve the look of her system from her garden.

Solving pigeon problems and a great looking finish

Our customer in Basildon, Essex, had major pigeon problems under his panels. Opting for SolaSkirt instead of normal mesh he is very happy with the sleek finish that our system gives his panels.

Pigeons driving the customer mad

Neil from Epspom had problems with pigeons over several years which had damaged two of his optimisers and were driving him mad. Looking for a better looking system he got in touch with us. Two of our roofers replaced 2 of his Solaredge optimisers, fitted SolaSkirt to both arrays and cleaned his panels in 4-hrs from ladders.

A black trim for silver framed PV systems

Most early PV systems had aluminium frames and can be unattractive to look at. This customer had persistent pigeon problems. SolaSkirt not only kept the pigeons out but improved the look of the PV system by giving it a silver framed trim.