Premium Solar Panel Pigeon Protection

Making Solar Look Good!

Solar Panel Protection & Pigeon Proofing in Guildford.

Pigeons love to nest under solar panels, causing mess and damaging cables. SolaSkirt keeps them out.

Gives solar panels a sleek black finish

SolaSkirt gives any solar panel system a sleek, black edged, look, covering up unsightly gaps, rain water run-off, cables, rail and clamps.

Looking for an installation in Guildford?

We have our own in-house team installing solar panel pigeon protection in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, Hampshire and Berkshire. Most of the images on the gallery are completed by our own installation team.

Our installation includes

— Supply & installation of SolaSkirt
— Removal of nests (where possible)

Please note we do not lift panels or look to remove nests with sticks as this will frequently cause more damage than the nest does. Over time most when not being used they will disintegrate over time.

— Gutter clearing
— Biocide application (where necessary)
— Panel cleaning

We will give the panels a clean (need a hose or water supply) – we may charge extra if the panels are very dirty.

Benefits of SolaSkirt
  • Gives solar panels a sleek finish
  • Improves curb appeal
  • Keeps out pigeons and other pests
  • Prevents detritus build up
  • Storm tested
  • New installations & retrofit
  • Lifetime protection
  • Innovative design
  • Gives silver framed systems a black trim
  • Hides rail, gaps, water run-off, cables and clamps

What Our Clients Say

  • Richard Clemerson
    7/07/2021 - Google

    Very impressed with all aspects of the service provided.

    Excellent communication from the company and an extremely helpful and competent fitter.

    Highly recommended

    Chris Goodlad
    6/24/2021 - Google

    Very friendly and considerate workers, who tidied everything away at the end.
    The product looks good around the panels - there's no way the pigeons can get back in now!

    Martin Alder
    6/11/2021 - Google

    The service was really good. They were able to come and fit the system very quickly , keeping us informed at all time as to any changes in times due to unforseen circumstances.
    The team were polite and efficient. The fitting process itself was really quick, with no lengthy election of scaffolding required.
    The finished appearance has enhanced the appearance of the solar array considerably. Most importantly though, it has put an end to my battle with the pigeons aspiring to take up residence !

  • Christopher Ranger
    6/02/2021 - Google

    The installers turned up on time, very clean and tidy. The end result was fantastic. Sam was a great communicator keeping us well informed.
    Would defiantly recommend.

    Hannah Taylor-Pearce
    5/24/2021 - Google

    Delighted with my solaskirt. Having had a frustrating pigeon problem, the company were so helpful, answering all my questions / concerns quickly and with transparency. The fitting was arranged swiftly and with ease. The fitter did a fantastic job and now not only do my solar panels look much nicer, they are pigeon proof.
    Cannot recommend them enough.

    nigel large
    5/14/2021 - Google

    Excellent service from beginning to end. From first enquiry to final fitting all questions have been answered promptly. The men who did the fitting turned up on time and got on with the job without fuss leaving no mess. The pigeons that were plaguing me are acting a bit puzzled having lost their shelter and already seem to be looking for somewhere else to "hang out". Thoroughly recommend both the product and the company.

  • Terry Lumley
    5/14/2021 - Google

    Searched for solar panel pigeon proofing solutions online and came across SolaSkirt. Much more elegant solution than most mesh type products.
    Sam responded to my online enquiry very promptly and was helpful and professional. He managed to squeeze us in to the schedule and a couple of very polite, capable chaps had the job done, including clearing away nests in a couple of hours. Very happy and willing to recommend.

    Rob Duncan
    4/02/2021 - Google

    You really cannot compare this product to mesh, is orders of magnitude better; completely pigeon proof and will certainly outlast the panels themselves! I We are very grateful we paid the little bit extra, it's well worth it.
    Sam and his team are great too, Sam was a pleasure to deal with in setting up the order and his fitters are superb, our roof is a little uneven but they were more than happy to take the time to get it looking really neat - really professional and courteous. Fully recommend.

    Dave Christie
    3/26/2021 - Google

    Many thanks to Sam and the team. The install team were quick, respectful and efficient and I would recommend them to anyone looking to protect their solar panels. I'm not sure our feathered lodgers would agree with me due to loosing their home!

  • Penny Brown
    3/26/2021 - Google

    I just had Solar Skirts fitted 2 days ago. I had doves and feral pigeons all over my roof making a mess, not to mention a horrible racket. They had lots of nesting material under the panels so got it done just in time (no chicks yet). Next morning I woke to the beautiful sound of silence. The skirts look brilliant too. The lads who fitted it all were fantastic, using ropes and harnesses (very entertaining to watch) so no need for scaffolding.

    Sharon Vanns
    3/20/2021 - Google

    We are delighted with the look of the SolaSkirt, and the panels now have a neat, finished appearance. Better still, the pigeons disappeared instantly and for the first time in months, I was not woken up to the sound of them hammering on the roof!
    Thank you to Sam and your very professional team of fitters.

    sue Peters
    3/11/2021 - Google

    SolaSkirt answered all my questions & their information was useful. They supplied me with photos & returned my phone calls quickly.The skirts where fitted on the day & time agreedThe men worked quickly & there was no mess left.The service I received was excellentI would highly recommend

  • sue Peters
    3/10/2021 - Google

    SolaSkirt answered all my questions & their information was useful. They supplied me with photos & returned my phone calls quickly.
    The skirts where fitted on the day & time agreed
    The men worked quickly & there was no mess left.
    The service I received was excellent
    I would highly recommend

    Jim Keeley
    3/08/2021 - Google

    Work carried out efficiently. Fitting the plain aluminium with silver edged solar panels improves the appearance of the whole roof installation. Looks so much better than mesh or spike solutions. 2 days after fitting, the pigeons have moved away from the roof. No more pigeon pollution. Think my neighbours without SolaSkirt on their solar panels will be regretting they didn’t have SolaSkirt fitted, as they are now hosting a bigger colony of pigeons.

    Stephen Bridges
    3/08/2021 - Google

    Installed swiftly and efficiently by two very pleasant and courteous young men. Good job.

Keeps Out Pigeons

Sleek Finish

10 Year Warranty

Pigeon proofs solar PV systems and gives solar panels a sleek finish

Pigeons love to nest under solar panels which can lead to pigeon droppings, nest build up, damaged cables and dead birds. The panels provide them warmth and safety from predators, but they can easily damage cables and lead to system failure.

Lost income & energy savings - damaged cables mean a loss of output, often for a whole row of interconnected panels, meaning reduced feed-in tariff income and energy savings

Secure Fixing - SolaSkirt uses secure aluminium clamps that are fixed to the frame of any solar panel and designed to last as long as your solar panels.

Making Solar Look Good - Solar panel systems often look unsightly, with many systems having silver frames as well as an unsightly gap. SolaSkirt improves the look of the panels as well as protects them from unwanted pests.