More Sales

Many installers find that sales are not closed out because customers find rooftop solar unattractive.

Better Aesthetics

Most customers, when given the option, will choose to install an attractive trim to complete their installation.

Pigeon Proofing

Many customers increasingly choose to install pigeon proofing to reduce the chance of problems in the future.

SolaSkirt Installer Scheme

We have a preferred installer scheme that we have put in place to work with pest control companies and solar panel installers.

  • New Leads – we pass leads to local installers
  • Installers – installers offer SolaSkirt as a premium option to their normal mesh quotes to allow customers to upgrade

Benefits for Installers

Easy to fit

Our clamp system is easy to use. All you need is a 4mm allen key and a hacksaw/tin snips. Thats it!

Covers clamps

Our skirt is designed to cover most panel clamps. Some bigger ones, noticably Variosole, need notches cut out which takes seconds.

Some of the companies installing SolaSkirt

Marketing Materials

Send these to your customers.

SolaSkirt Brochure
SolaSkirt Black Installations
SolaSkirt Silver Installations
SolaSkirt Installation Instructions

Interested in being an installer?