Mesh – 30m kit with metal disk and pin fixings


Prevents pigeons nesting under solar panels. 30m roll of black PVC coated mesh. Weather & rust resistant. Includes long lasting metal clips.


Installer price £80 + VAT with MCS installers & pest controllers 20% discount

A great cost effective solution to keeping pigeons and other pest birds out from under solar panels on pitched rooves.

Includes galvanised steel mesh clips that will last as long as the mesh does.  Superior to plastic clips that will eventually break with exposure

  • Includes one 30m roll of black PVC coated hot dipped galvanised steel wire mesh.
  • Includes 100 x long lasting metal fixings
  • Includes 20 black metal corner ties
  • Roll is 20cm wide, 30m long.
  • Not drilled into panels which invalidates the panel warranty
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Mesh size 12.5mm x 12.5mm

What is the difference between Mesh and SolaMesh?

Our Mesh uses standard, metal, clips.  Our SolaMesh use our own SolaSkirt clamps to hold the mesh on.  The advantage of these is that they can be installed on panels with a box profile edge or with panels with no lip.  Mesh is the lower cost option.


Instructions for use

Cut into manageable lengths, typically 1.2 – 1.5m.

Line up the top of the mesh with the lip of the solar panel and then bend it at 90deg where it hits the roof.

If you have Roman (wavy) tiles press the mesh down into the valleys.

Push the metal hook through the mesh and hook onto the underside of the panel lip, then secure with the metal disk.

Flatten the mesh into the ridges and tight with the roof.



Next day delivery if ordered before 11am.  Otherwise 2-day delivery time.

Additional information

Mesh & fixings

A roll of 30m


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